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    custom pet portraits

    About Me

    About Me

    Elena Romanova - Pet Portrait Artist


    dd ear friends, welcome to my website for quality pet portraits from photos, all traditionally hand painted in pencil, watercolor, oil or pastel. A painting should evoke a thought, a memory or idea to the viewer, that`s why I`m so in love with this art. Every painted portrait is a very special way of celebrating the pet-owner relationship, their affection and love. I love the challenge of capturing  characters in my paintings, always endeavouring to keep the work feeling fresh, passionate and spontaneous.

    Something about me? Well… Shortly before my thirties, but already with more than 18 individual expositions in one of the best art galleries all over the world. I have worked in the field of art for all my professional life, completely devoted, with more than 10 years of experience. Lucky enough to learn from the best artists and to be student in one of the most famous and prestigious art schools in my home town Moscow and the art capital of Europe – Paris, an inspirational experience for a lifetime.

    Bringing animals to life on canvas or paper is my real passion. The most rewarding feeling for me is a happy customer, this glimmer of happiness while opening the package.

    Thank you for visiting! Enjoy!

    custom pet portraits
    bespoke framing



    4 different techniques:
    - oil
    - watercolor
    - pastel

    Additional services:
    - bespoke framing
    - prints of your portraits



    For me it`s really important to build longlasting relationship with my clients. I deeply respect each one of them and feel grateful that we had the chance to work together. We communicate openly and honestly, we share knowledge and emotions, we become friends.

    Positive comments

    It`s great to receive positive feedback from happy clients! Emotional comments, words of grattitude, smiles – it all makes me the happiest person in the world!


    10 happy years of experience. I provide professional advice, consulting and regular updates on the project. Safe, on time, with style, that`s how I`m used to work.

    A hand painted portrait is much more elegant and sophisticated than a simple photography.

    My Studio

    My Studio

    Art is performance, melody, emotion!

    My Studio
    My Studio
    where I feel free and inspired

    My new studio is all set up! All these years I developed my unique recognizable style, always working with beautiful music put on, usually surrounded by my beloved ones. While I create my portraits I love to have cup of fine tea or hot foamy capuccino.

    My studio is spacious and cosy, with beautiful natural light, pet-free, odour free and smoke-free.

    Love each part of the creating process, it brings me such joy and happiness!

    My Inspiration
    My Inspiration
    my sources of creative power

    My inspiration is in all sort of sources – nature, travelling, simple small everyday things, my family, people in the street, books, movies. Newborn baby animals, summer rain on the beach or romantic brunch on my terrace… these are my small magical moments.

    A detailed high-quality pet portrait is much more meaningful than any photo could ever be, it shows your pet personality, appearance, character, expression, movement, it always revokes sweet memories. Here in my studio I will create the best Pet Portrait for you!

    My Passion
    My Passion
    art is my life

    Art is a performance, a melody, an emotion, I do refuse to accept it simply as working routine.

    Art is my passion!

    Bringing animals to life on canvas is a real challenge!

    I choose very carefully the art materials I work with. They are the basis of each portrait and work of art. The right brushes, the best oil colors and canvas, well known paper, crayons and pencil. In my studio I have all I need to create the next piece of art. I make portraits that lasts for generations!

    Traditionally hand painted and drawn. Full detail.


    Different styles and techniques, bespoke framing and prints of your portraits

    4 techniques

    The best services you will find! All of my PORTRAITS are traditionally hand drawn and painted by me. Just choose your style and technique (pencil, pastel, oil, watercolor), send me picture of your pet and I will contact you immediately!


    I can frame your portraits and prints. A variety of bespoke frames made locally by the best framers. Prices can be found on our  SHOP SECTION. You are more than welcome, just choose your style, ORDER HERE and email me with your requirements!


    If you already have a portrait made by us and would like to order a print, or a number of prints, for your family and friends, you can do so at any time. For our prints we use professional gyclee print technology, full detail, professional printers and ink, gallery quality natural white, matte, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper. You can purchase our prints on our SHOP SECTION.

    Watercoloris one of the oldest mediums used in painting. It is used as a basic technique in many genres from classical to abstract. Today is not particularly common in portraiture because of its complexity of application and its implementation, but is highly valued exactly for these reasons. Watercolor brings depth and makes the image multilayered, leaving it at the same time soft and lightweight. It is applicable for almost all interiors; it is recommendable to arrange it framed with mount behind anti-glare glass. Essential for this type of painting is the quality of the materials, which is why I use a special watercolor paper from the best manufacturers, paints of the professional series “Winsor and Newton” and brushes “Kolinsky”. 
    Oilis the most popular painting medium in Pet Portraits. The oil is preferred by those who want to give intensity and aristocratic spiritto the portrait. Fits in any decor, but definitely it looks better with heavy furniture, rustic, gothic, baroque or any other classical style from the past. Suitable for oil portraits are heavy frames in gold and silver, richly decorated with ornaments. The creativeprocess of oil painting is long and passes through several stages, in order to obtain the desired result. Sometimes it takes weeks. Essential for this type of painting is the quality of the materials, which is why I use professional series paints “Winsor and Newton” and brushes “Kolinsky”.  
    Pencilis classic and very popular medium in portrait drawing. Preferred by people who would like to get both light and stylish accent in your interior that does not intrude, but to be noticed. Pencil portraits have special combination of monochrome elegancy and depth of image. Suitable for any interior. It looks best in lightweight frame with mount behind anti-glare glass. My pencil portraits are combination of pencils with different density, carbon and graphite powder on top-quality Italian paper. My style of drawing with pencil is unique, built for many years of hard work and study.
    Pastelis easy and fast medium to create portraits. You can use different colors of paper depending on the desired interior effect and fur colors of the pet to achieve contrast. Preferred by people with a small budget or those who need to get quickly his portrait. Suitable for a wide variety of interiors. Looks best in light frame and with mount behind  anti-glare glass. My pastel portraits are sprayed with fixative and may be used in combination with more budget framing options.

    Why choose 7portraits?

    Unique style

    Professional skills

    Proven experience

    Quality materials


    Safe shipping

    Fast communication

    Support and advice

    I will create for you the perfect pet portrait!



    My work

    Pastel portrait Pastel Portrait Elsa Pastel Pet Portraits
    watercolor portrait Pet portrait Luisa Watercolor Pet Portraits
    Pencil pet portrait Pencil pet portrait Kelly Pencil Pet Portraits
    pet portrait Custom Pet Portrait Oil Garry Oil Pet Portraits
    Custom Oil Horse Portrait Custom Pet Portrait Oil Savanna Oil Pet Portraits
    Watercolor Cat Portrait Custom watercolor cat portrait Jules Watercolor Pet Portraits
    Dog Portrait Dog Portrait Charlie Oil Pet Portraits
    Custom Watercolor Dog Portraits Watercolor Pet Portrait Brownie Watercolor Pet Portraits
    Watercolor Dog Portrait Watercolor Dog Portrait Rex Watercolor Pet Portraits
    Custom Pencil Pet Portrait Custom pencil pet portrait Tara Pencil Pet Portraits
    custom watercolor dog portrait Watercolor dog portrait Benji Watercolor Pet Portraits
    Cat Portraits from Photos Custom cat pencil portrait Pink Pencil Pet Portraits
    Pencil Dog Portrait Custom pencil dog portrait Puff Daddy Pencil Pet Portraits
    conte pastel cat portrait Pastel Cat Portrait Paxton Pastel Pet Portraits
    Custom Pencil Horse Portrait Custom Horse Pencil Portrait Victory Pencil Pet Portraits

    Happy Clients

    Some real testomonials from happy clients

    Some real testimonials from happy clients:

    Absolutely beautiful! It looks just like my daughters dog ! UNBELIEVABLE !! – Elsa, Canada, 25/09/2014

    My friend absolutely loved the painting – she cried when she received it – she says it looks just like her kitty. Thank you!!! – Tom, Australia, 20/09/2014

    Looks great and packaged securely for shipping – thanks! – Catty, USA, 10/09/2014

    Picture online doesn’t do this photo justice, stunning! – Jenna, UK, 30/08/2014

    I bought this item because I was born the year of the dog and it’s good to have your sign around your house. It was painted beautifully. – Fanny, UK, 25/08/2014

    The custom oil painting Elena made of my beloved dog is truly a keepsake! – Baker, USA, 16/08/2014

    Elena Romanova is the MOST EXTRAORDINARY person and artist. She is unbelievable. I feel it’s the depth of her heart that flows onto the canvas. I love her work. Love. And love her. I also must say Elena is so great about her payment system. She is more than fair. Elena’s art is so beautiful and the cost of her art is priceless:) – Jane, USA, 12/08/2014

    Wonderful experience, exquisite art. A must do!!!! – Aino, Finland, 03/08/2014

    My mom was so pleased to get this portrait. She loves it! I’d definitely order again. Thanks Elena! – Joe, Australia, 26/07/2014

    The portrait that Elena painted of our schnauzer Charlie is really incredible. It turned out more amazing that I ever imagined it could be. The expression in Charlie’s eyes is so soulful. In addition to the beautiful portrait, Elena is so wonderful to work with through the entire project. She is in constant communication with you so there are no surprises. If you are considering having a portrait painted of your pet, do not hesitate in hiring Elena Romanova to do so; you will not be disappointed. – John, USA, 17/07/2014


    • You did such I great job! It looks just like Mandy, incredible! Her expression, her lovely fur... Thank you so much!

      Christine· Chicago, USA
    • It arrived yesterday. This portrait is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and fits perfect to our home! I just love it! Thank you!

      Peter· Canada


    Gallery quality pet portraits on reasonable prices

    Pricing info. For custom orders, express orders or any other pricing details offers, please contact me.

        • $ 80  27 х 22 cm / 27 х 27 cm
        • $ 110  33 х 27 cm / 33 x 33 cm
        • $ 150  41 х 33 cm / 41 x 41 cm
        • $ 220  55 x 46 cm / 55 x 55 cm
        • $ 290 61 х 50 cm / 61 x 61 cm
        • $ 330 73 х 60 cm / 73 x 73 cm
        • $ 390 81 х 65 cm / 81 x 81 cm
        • $ 480 92 х 73 cm / 92 x 92 cm
        • -
        • -
          • $ 120 27 х 22 cm / 27 х 27 cm
          • $ 150 33 х 27 cm / 33 x 33 cm
          • $ 200 41 х 33 cm / 41 x 41 cm
          • $ 260 55 x 46 cm / 55 x 55 cm
          • $ 350 61 х 50 cm / 61 x 61 cm
          • $ 52073 х 60 cm / 73 x 73 cm
          • $ 85081 х 65 cm / 81 x 81 cm
          • $ 1 200  92 х 73 cm / 92 x 92 cm
          • -
          • -
          • $ 140 27 х 22 cm / 27 х 27 cm
          • $ 190 33 х 27 cm / 33 x 33 cm
          • $ 240 41 х 33 cm / 41 x 41 cm
          • $ 310 55 x 46 cm / 55 x 55 cm
          • $ 440 61 х 50 cm / 61 x 61 cm
          • $ 600 73 х 60 cm / 73 x 73 cm
          • $ 900 81 х 65 cm / 81 x 81 cm
          • $ 1 250 92 х 73 cm / 92 x 92 cm
          • -
          • -
          • $ 340 27 х 22 cm / 27 х 27 cm
          • $ 440 33 х 27 cm / 33 x 33 cm
          • $ 600 41 х 33 cm / 41 x 41 cm
          • $ 750 55 x 46 cm / 55 x 55 cm
          • $ 910 61 х 50 cm / 61 x 61 cm
          • $ 1 300 73 х 60 cm / 73 x 73 cm
          • $ 1 450 81 х 65 cm / 81 x 81 cm
          • $ 1 850 92 х 73 cm / 92 x 92 cm
          • $ 2 350 100 х 81 cm / 100 x 100 cm
          • $ 3 450 130 х 97 cm / 130 x 130 cm
    news and updates

    7  blog, posts, latest news, updates, projects, collaborations. Stay tuned!


    Some FAQ:

    Who is the artist behind – My name is Elena Romanova and I`m an artist. You can check more info and details in About Me section.

    What services do you offer? – In Services section  you can read more about different techniques (oil, pencil, pastel, watercolor) and additional services I offer (framing and printing).

    How long it will take to complete a drawing or a painting? – I work in demand, it usually take 2-6 weeks depending on how complicate is the order and how many commissions do I have. If you have a special date you require the portrait for, please let me know as soon as possible to check if this will fit within my work schedule.

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