Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Pencil Portrait *
Model: Sally
Novenber 2015

Erica the owner of Sally and she asked me to make a portrait. So I draw this pencil portrait with a huge passion. It was a present for birthday of her husband. I can’t wait to receive a feedback.


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*Pencil is classic and very popular medium in portrait drawing. Preferred by people who would like to get both light and stylish accent in your interior that does not intrude, but to be noticed. Pencil portraits have special combination of monochrome elegancy and depth of image. Suitable for any interior. It looks best in lightweight frame with mount behind anti-glare glass. My pencil portraits are combination of pencils with different density, carbon and graphite powder on top-quality Italian paper. My style of drawing with pencil is unique, built for many years of hard work and study.