Custom Pet Portrait Oil *
Model: Dolly
July 2014

This is Dolly! I have now completed this beautiful Persian cat, the painting is really stunning. the portrait is 55 x 46 in size in oils on Italian Linen canvas. The colours have come out less brighter now that I have put the image online, however it should give you an idea of how the painting looks like in real life. Dolly will be framed in few days and I will have photos once he is completed. Her owner Patty is so happy with the result, she will order another cat portrait, I`m waiting for the photos.

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*Oil is the most popular painting medium in Pet Portraits. The oil is preferred by those who want to give intensity and aristocratic spiritto the portrait. Fits in any decor, but definitely it looks better with heavy furniture, rustic, gothic, baroque or any other classical style from the past. Suitable for oil portraits are heavy frames in gold and silver, richly decorated with ornaments. The creativeprocess of oil painting is long and passes through several stages, in order to obtain the desired result. Sometimes it takes weeks. Essential for this type of painting is the quality of the materials, which is why I use professional series paints “Winsor and Newton” and brushes “Kolinsky”.